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Small Business Disaster Recovery Planning

OK, so you’re a Small Business.  That doesn’t mean you should think small.  Afterall, the same disasters that affect large corporations can affect you as well, but you don’t likely have multiple locations with mirrored servers and databases to rely on.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) before but never thought it applied to you.  Well, I think it applies more so to a small business as they have less resources and capital to get them up and running again after a disaster, therefore most small businesses don’t survive one.

It’s not a huge task to complete for a Small Business (SMB) and should be reviewed at least yearly to make sure it’s up to date and accurate.  I’m not going into detail here as to what you need in it’s entirety, but the following is a small list of the basics:

  • Primary contact and coordinator for during and after the emergency
  • List of all employees and phone numbers to verify everyone is safe and accounted for
  • List of all equipment for both replacement and insurance purposes
  • List of all software and licensing
  • List of vendors which you have relationships with to get the replacements from
  • Real Estate agent or property manager contact information for replacement site if needed

This information along with any supporting documents should be burned to a DVD and stored off site either in a Safety Deposit Box or in a safe spot in your home.  Not in your car trunk or glovebox, or in your briefcase or (don’t chuckle) in your office!

About the author: Darren Lenick is the owner of Magen Services Holdings, LLC located in Orlando, FL.  Before becoming a house flipper, he worked for over 25 years in the IT Industry.

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