IT Security

SPAM/SCAM Email with Meeting request attached

This is a new one for me.  I don’t believe I’ve ever received this before, but I often delete messages in my Junk folder without reading each one carefully.  Force of habit I guess.

But I think you should watch for this one as it may be a test, as when you add the ICS file to your calendar, the sender may receive confirmation of acceptance.  In any case, delete the email without opening the attachment, (best practice anyway), as once you open the attachment, it becomes a tentative appointment in your calendar.  If you decline the meeting request, it will send this to the originator as well.  Either way, if you accept or decline, the originator has just received confirmation of your email address.

About the author: Darren Lenick is the owner of Magen Services Holdings, LLC located in Orlando, FL.  Before becoming a house flipper, he worked for over 25 years in the IT Industry.

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