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The Importance of Permits

Often you hear people saying they want to do work without permits because the feel it’s simply a cash grab by municipalities.  Well, I don’t agree and as a “flipper” you’d think I would.

The main reason for permits is to protect the residents of the homes from catostrophic events. It’s to ensure the workmanship and processes are followed so that people aren’t injured, or worse, due to improper construction or installation.


– Roofing: a roof weighs several thousands of pounds when you consider the framing, chimney’s, flashing and covering (asphalt shingles, tile shingles, wood shingles and metal). This can cause great injury if it collapses or blows off during a storm. A permit and subsequent inspections helps to make sure these problems don’t occur.

– Windows: windows protect you from the elements. Whether it’s rain, snow or heavy winds, windows keep that OUT of your house. This is critical in an areas like Florida who have to worry about hurricanes.

– Framing: this is the skeleton of your home. Whether block walls or stick framing, if not done correctly, your house may collapse.

– Electrical: I shouldn’t have to say much about this as we all know the power of electricity.  If not installed correctly, it can cause a slow burning fire that creates a lot of deadly smoke.

– Plumbing: many people think plumbing is simple; water in / water out. But consider that the water out  needs to get to the processing plant without leaks and that the water in needs to reach your faucets uncontaminated. You also don’t want flooding of any kind as that can lead to worse issues such as mould, insects and rot.

With all that being said, I do believe that the permit process in many municipalities and counties needs refignment. The process now can be slow and arduous which results in many forsaking it.

A slow permit process hinders certain industries which in turn hurts small businesses and communities.

Orange County Florida, for example, recently held a summit regarding affordable housing. I wish I had the time to attend as I would have raised the issue of the permit process for small businesses like mine who mainly concentrate on the smaller more affordable houses that have been foreclosed on by the banks and long forgotten left to rot.

Bit this is just my humble opinion as a small business owner.

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